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Storytelling, the storyteller experience and how to engage your kids into writing a story

This was a completely unprepared activity – storytelling. The little one was watching me attentively working on my computer. I told him to give a try. He was delighted because he started to barely read and write and never used a  laptop or a computer before. 

I was using my professional laptop with the classic office suite etc, so rather than focusing on a plain text I showed him how to use the touchpad and drag graphic elements and text in a page. At this point, I’ve seen a spark in his eyes. Creative possibilities are infinite with this new toy! 

While I was I guiding him through the basic technical aspects he already starting to suggest many ideas. Characters playing together but did not want to share, expressing their opinions and ideas, defying their friendship, etc. 

This is how he started to write his own children’s book. There were no limits, I was actually surprised he came up with constructed sorry arc, dramatic structure and plot devices. With a bit of help especially in typing words, he came up with the below few pages.

The exposition. First, he set up the scene, 2 colourful heart-shaped characters. One cooking, the other one playing.

The inciting incident. The 2 characters express their wishes and upset the status quo, starting the story movement. One actually wants to cook and the other one wants to play at the playground. 

I want to cook 
I want to play 
at the 

Rising Action. The story moves toward a climax, the characters express doubts and raise a problem; they don’t intend to share their activities.

Here I’ve helped him to draw suitcases it became a bit too sophisticated.

Resolution or denouement. The outcome of the story is revealed, these 2 shaped hearts are actually best friends and want to share their experience. Great happy ending!

Can I cook with 
Can I play at the 
playground with 

Surprising storytelling experience for both the little writer and myself who was actually impressed with the level of inherent knowledge the little one acquired as a devout spectator of bedtime stories. Since then he’s been a contributor in writing the story of our educational game Ready Veggie Fruity Go with excellent ideas!