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Learn and Laugh with Rocket Mouse

Go on an incredible learning adventure with Rocket Mouse, a charming hand-drawn game for preschoolers.

Rocket Mouse and his friends prepare a big party. Together they will encourage your little one to build a rocket, count balloons, catch shapes, match colours, play dress up and solve puzzles. Follow narrating instructions in English and French and develop language skills.

From 18 months to 4 years old. Get it on iPhone, iPad, Android and Amazon.

Get Ready for School

Challenging and engaging games to get ready for school. Practise counting, follow instructions, solve puzzles, identify shapes, colours and body parts. Learn many words in both English and French.

Play a Delightful Story

Help irresistible funny characters to prepare the party for Rocket Mouse and his friends. Some says Chef Mouse is preparing an enormous yummy cake. We also need a lot of colourful balloons and confetti !!

Stay Safe

Made and tested by parents, the game is completely safe and ad-free. Ideal for children from 18 months to 4 years old. Not geared towards any gender, meaning boys and girls can play the app together.

"We loved the simplicity of the game, the graphics and the animations. You'll be thrilled by the fun and interactive side of Rocket Mouse, just as your little one"
"Very cute characters, the graphics are brilliant! Really helped teaching bilingual. Would 100% recommend!"
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Meet The Team Sofielafée

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Otto, 2 years old, is fascinated by space rockets, liftoffs, outer space and stars. One day, his mum Sofie, drew this funny character. Rocket Mouse was born. With her partner Guillaume, they teamed up and started the exciting adventure of creating their own homemade game.

For months they designed and developed Rocket Mouse. Otto was delighted to see his new favourite game and character coming to life. This is how it starts,

Rocket Mouse


little things x little ones.


Sofie running in the fountains


The Artist



The Engineer