Shrot Bubble Blaster Adventure

I’ve come to chew bubble gum and knock them down. And I’m all out of bubble gum

Beware! King Chomp and his minions have taken over the Macatara Island and have flung Shrot to the farthest reaches of the mighty Jungle. Shrot is off wandering through mysterious worlds to find the legendary bubble blaster. Whatever you do, be sure to put an end to King Chomp’s evil plans and save princess Federline! 

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Play with any gamepad or the on-screen controls with straightforward controls for younger, less-experienced players to more advanced gamers. Run, leap and stomp your way through side-scrolling courses in traditional platformer style and race your supercar through the hills of Macatara Island. 

Shrot Bubble Blaster Adventure, Trailer

I’m Shrot and I’m not short

The courageous little boy must run, jump through series of obstacles and fight his way through each part of the island to save the day and discover the secrets of the magical bubble blaster. Cross colourful handcrafted seas, lava lakes, jungles, ancient temples, race tracks, asteroid fields and snowy mountains to get there.  

Make use of cool power-ups like an electric bubble, ice-freezing bubble, shrinker bubble, teleporter, super jump and ultra-speed, as you chase down King Chomp and his cavalcade of minions. 

The colourful handcrafted levels of Shrot bubble blaster adventure

✔ The jungle: embark on a hunt to find the legendary bubble blaster lost in the jungle. Friendly Giraffes will help you to climb inaccessible areas. Some minions have made their way to the jungle so watch out! 

✔ The snow: explore a frozen world of fun! Stack giant snow balls, avoid ice pikes and freeze snowmen  

 Lava and Fire: This is piping hot over there! Shrot’s jumps will have to be precise to avoid melting in the scorching lakes of lava. Ancient stories say a monster still lives in the ancient temple built on the lava lake! 

✔ The beach: no time to relax on the golden beaches of Macatara island, sea creatures have invaded shores and deep waters  

✔ Space: browse and rocket boost between planets and asteroids. Watch out there are lasers coming from alien spaceships! 

✔ The House: Mice and their stinky cheese balls have infested the place! Wrap through teleports to find your way through the giant kitchen. 

✔ The Clouds: climb all your way up to reach the sky and beyond 

Spooky Castle: Shrot is not scared of ghosts and will chase them from the hunted castle 

The Race: Engine on, time to race and beat the timer driving around the grassy hills of the island. 

The Dinosaur: it’s time to meet King Chomp, defeat his evil plans and save the princess 

Shrot is our homeschooling project led by our 5-year-old boy while the schools were temporarily closed. Join Shrot on his quest to defeat the mischievous King Chomp and save princess Federline by completing imaginative levels in Shrot Bubble Blaster Adventure on Apple App Store, Google Play Store, Windows and macOS. 

Sofielafée take your children’s privacy very seriously. Shrot Bubble Blaster Adventure does not collect personal information, does not contain ads and does not contain in-app purchases.