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What is the meaning of Shrot, the name Shrot means, Shrot stands for

The name of the game Shrot Bubble Blaster Adventure, designed by our little one, 5 years old one came out of nowhere. After we’ve built a first prototype of a platform game inspired by Super Mario and Rayman it was time to name the project and the game. Otto came up with Shrot, the game and the character will be named Shrot. Full stop.

Interesting and unusual name; it was his decision as lead designer of the project so fair enough. Now I did a bit of research to find out whether it’s meaningful and it is indeed.

First this is a Hindu name and boy/male gender. It means Light; Listener. Person with name Shrot are trustworthy towards their colleagues. People with the influence of this name are likely to have cooperative friends at their place of job.

I’m Shrot and I’m not short!

Good choice, this is unusual and interesting name and so is the name of Otto’s project Shrot Bubble Blaster Adventure

Shrot Bubble Blaster Adventure, the Jungle level, climbing on a giraffe's neck
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