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The new version of Rocket Mouse Educational Game has additional levels to discover

Our new release of Rocket Mouse Educational Game for Android, iPhone and iPad is exciting! I’ve introduced a couple of new scenes. 

I wanted to have extra learning challenges to develop the player memory capacity and encourage creativity, and like the rest of the game, I’ve searched for simple ideas that would be fun to play. 

Matching pairs of cards did not really fit with the settings so I’ve gone with the concept of a puzzle where a sequence needs to be memorized. 

In the scene “memorize the planets” the child needs to memorise the colours and the order of the planets. 

The scene starts with a series of planets displayed on the screen and a narrative voice highlights one by one each planet and names their colour. After introducing the sequence the planets are greyed out. A new set of coloured planets is available for the player to pick up and can drag and drop into the planet slot in the ordered previously announced. 

This is simple and fun; you can also switch the language to learn your colour names in French or English. 

Now the second game is more of the fun side,  Red Mouse is going to the big party and needs to jump from planet to planet to reach his destination. The planets spin and the Red Mouse gravitates around them; it makes the movements interesting and fun. This also introduces kids to orbitational gravitation, a bit of rocket science for littles ones! 

Discover these new levels in Rocket Mouse and stay tuned for further updates!

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