Original Illustrations and Games for Preschoolers

Original illustrations and games for preschoolers, made by parents

Sofielafée little things x little ones is a French independent art studio based in Manchester UK. Sofie, artist and graphic designer and Guillaume, software engineer, create and design original illustrations and games for preschoolers and toddlers.

As parents, we surely all desire to nurture our little ones’ curiosity with amazing entertainment and genuine education material. So let’s be innovative, creative, encourage and promote education in every way.

Beautiful illustrations for jaunty playrooms and bedrooms

Our hand-drawn artworks combine watercolour and pencil for textured and hand-crafted aesthetics. They are great for decorating your kid’s bedrooms, playrooms and nurseries. We deliver our fine art prints on high-quality inkjet and quality paper for the best results.

All available in standard sizes for easy framing. We provide two sizes for our vertical posters, B2 50x70cm 19.7×27.8in, see an example of a frame at IKEA and A3 29.7x42cm 11.69×16.53in; and two sizes for our square posters, 50x50cm 16x16in and 30x30cm 12x12in.

Cute, clever and fun educational games

We are inspired by the Montessori method of education. Children’s early years from birth to six are the period when they have the greatest capacity to learn. They love learning, and we believe discovery and exploration are paramount to their learning journey. That’s why we love creating unique mobile apps and games.

We believe our original illustrations and games for preschoolers provide formidable content for your little one. We design our games to contains as much educational value as possible. For instance identifying shapes, letters, numbers, colours, body parts, everyday objects, emotions. Counting and reading. Assembling fun and colourful puzzles. Learn additional culture and language with English and French narrative voices.

Above all, they can enjoy safe and ad-free puzzles and learning games. Let’s play, create, build, share, learn, count and read together. Get the little one ready for school and beyond!